Am I asking for to much?

All I want is a job in a clothing store like H&M or Urban Outfitters. I love those stores and I really want to work with clothing because that's what I love. So....I hope that while I'm out here, I can make something happen because where I'm at right now, is not good. I want to be happy and have a good that I love or at least better then the one I got, and I need it soon before I screw up my body even more. This job is physically to hard on me and I have had problems before with my back and I don't want it back to that again and I feel like if I continue this for to long then it will. And that is no fun. so I'm hoping and praying that someone will give me the chance to work somewhere awesome. That is my rant for the day...This job thing has been bugging me for so long now and I just want to be out of this job and happy again. Soon, ohhhhh soon PLEASE!!!

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