Here are some shoes from Topshop that I think are fantastic....would like to have in my closet.

I really like these shoes....which is weird because they aren't the usual type of shoes I would gravitate towards but for some reason especially with the last two pairs, i really like them. To bad I can't have them, but that's actually probably a good thing, seeing as I can't afford to buy them and I don't wear a lot of heels.

Also I wanted to add the reason for my blog title. I have not said yet but its lots of stuff. Mostly because I am a dreamer. My whole life I have always dreamed of being in the fashion industry. It started with Fashion television, I loved watching it growing up. YAY JEANNE BEKER!!! I wanted to be a model, but my genes said no, with being short and all. Then I thought I would love to go to school for something in fashion but I'm a shy type with not really any confidence so I was to scared always to do it. and well, I didn't grow up in a rich family, getting whatever I wanted so, I have always dreamed of all these things and hopefully someday I will have the guts and money to do so...but for right now. Its still.....IN MY DREAMS!!!!

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  1. One day hun! I beleive in u!

  2. o the thiago was my comment before i figured out how to change the name lol


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