Finally my blog is up and running again. That is why I had not been posting, because my dashboard had disappeared and I had no way of doing anything on my blog. I could not even comment on other blogs, for like two days. Not happy...but it is all good now. so YAY!!!!. I'm going to share with you some pictures from the weekend, that I actually got off and got to spend with my boyfriend, which was fantastic!

    Pictures by Me
My day was filled with beach, walking, flowers, the most delicious organic yogurt ever, cute animals and a man riding a very large bike. haha....I love it! andddd...it was my first day going bare legged, but I probably shouldn't have, I don't think it was warm enough but I'm from Manitoba, I toughed it out!!!


  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! Love your outfit and the light. xx



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