Same Same but Different

I finally got to see this movie that I have been wanting to see for like a year. I didn't shut up about it once I found it because of the boy in it. David Kross, a German actor, the one who is the main boy in The Reader and I fell in love with him in that movie. So then I found Same Same but Different that he was in and watched the trailer and had been dieing to see it ever since. Now tonight I did. It was good but I think because I had such high hopes that it was not as amazing as I thought it would be but still really good....and its based on a true story. Pretty incredible.
This made me think that I should do a post about all the different hair styles I have had in the last three years....or more. Cause it has been ALOT!! but I have to go to bed now...I can barely keep my eyes open. NIGHT NIGHT


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