Stella & Dot

So, You have heard me talk about my Stella & Dot jewelry. I love it. The jewelry is so gorgeous and good quality. My sister sells the jewelry and that is how I got to know of it and I am pretty sure I want to start selling it once I can afford it. Because to start to sell it and have parties, I need as much of the jewelry as I can get so I would have to put money into it at first and it would help if I knew people here in Vancouver. But I do not. so hopefully that will be a future project of mine and that i will enjoy it and it will work out great. So here is the Stella & Dot jewelry that I own.

Chelsea Necklace Gold
Bardot Spiral Bangle Gold
Nugget Wrap Bracelet Gold
Vintage Twist Bracelet Gold
Audrey Cluster Bracelet
Camilla Ring
Bardot Hoop Earrings

I LOVE THEM.............and can you tell I like gold accessorizes???


  1. Well guess what you Stella & Dot lover? I'm giving away a necklace on my blog right NOW! haha. But seriously, it's a great necklace and you might want to enter, if you haven't already (blogger deleted a bunch of entries). See here :)


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