We don't need no education

t-shirt / no name  sweater / H&M  jeans / Club Monaco  scarf / Le Chateau  purse / vintage  shoes / stolen from my sister  jewelry / Stella & Dot

I was having a bad hair day, I know. But i feel like everyday is a bad hair day.....I have no idea what to do with this hair of mine. It is not where I want it to be....so I am waitin for it to grow out a bit. I want it all one length and able to put in a ponytail, cause right now its a but to short for everything to stay in one. anyways...I\m excited for Canada day. Anyone know whats going on in Vancouver on Canada Day and things to check out???



  1. You are totally not having a bad hair day! I love your heels and your flares. Looking awesome :)



  2. Loving the gold points on your shoes :)

  3. you guys should follow my blog...i would love it. and shilpi, I am following yours now.

  4. and also following sherrie colas as well. nice blogs!!


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