I'm leaving you with some random photos that I have taken recently today.

1 & 2. candles i bought to try and make my apartment a little more christmasy.
3. me in my new sweater that is so soft and cuddly and big and i love it
4. bench and shadows
5. haha...pick up your dog poop picture.
6. Jens on the beach
7. pile of logs
8. my feet in my new shoes
9. water fountain

yes random photos...but i like them and all of them were taken when enjoying my evening, either out on the beach or at home all warm and cozy. I am totally getting into the christmas spirit already and I love it. Christmas music, candles, presents, and I'm trying to start decorating our apartment now. nothing fancy. But I don't think there is anything wrong with doing those things, you know, Christmas is only once a year and the actual christmas times is so short and then its gone so I think its good to get going on things, because honestly it gets people in good moods and feel great, so why not!!! Get in the Holiday spirit and be happy and give a little!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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