It's Christmas time, a happy time!!

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I celebrated christmas with my family yesterday and I can't express how much I love to do so. It is so good and we have picked up a new tradition from my swedish brother in-law, that went we give some one a present you make a poem to go with it. It is very nice to make the gift extra special....but at the same time very hard to come up with a poem.

Today I went to church with my family, which was also special because my nephew played the harmonica while my dad played guitar and my mom, one of my sisters and me played a song that my Dad made when we were kids and use to sing in church when we were it was kind of neat. So I thought I would post some words to the song. This is the Chorus.

"It's Christmas time, a happy time
God sent his son to Bethlehem
It's Christmas time, Hallelujah to the world
It's Christmas time, a happy time
God sent son Bethlehem
Its's Christmas time, Happy Birthday to the World"

By: Ernie Enns (my dad)


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