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 Green Velvet dress / American Apparel

I love my new dress. It is so fun and comfy and pretty. AND also guess what???? It is a kids dress. YUP. It is a youth size 12. I am sorry but you have to be a BIG 12 year old to wear this. like wow, I was shocked. But I can't say I am not happy because I love it. I am not the only big kid who has bought one. YAY for cute kids clothes for adults!!!

1 DAY ONLY!!!!!

got to make sure I have everything ready to go!!! wish me luck, its going to be a busy day. I have work, and finish packing, check in for flight and get up early for flight. fun fun fun!

talk to you soon guys. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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  1. so chic!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Love love love velvet right now - I actually got a different American Apparel velvet dress for xmas, which I am completely enamoured with as well. And I totally agree with the great items you can find in kids sizing; love that! :)

    <3 Shawna


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