One top - Three ways - blue striped top

One top - Three ways - outfits - Forever 21 blue striped shirt

Forever 21 blue striped top

I realized I have worn this top a lot lately. It really is a great shirt and a good time to wear it, as it is warming up and can be worn in different ways, as you see here. So it just goes to show that you can have fun with your wardrobe, change it up and wear the same pieces and have completely different looks.

1. So for the first look here, I wore it the normal typical way you would. I paired it with one of my favourite black jeans, white sneakers and a beige scarf. I love the muted, neutral colour palette of this look. Something easy to throw on for plenty of occasions.

2. Here we have the shirt tied around the waist. This is done as a filler. I needed something else with this outfit as well as something to cover up the belly. I wore a tight dress so tying something around the waist hides that and adds more to the outfit as well.

3. This was my favourite way of wear the shirt. I tried it on backwards at home and I loved it. The look is so fashion forward and was the perfect way to wear this top for Vancouver Fashion Week when I had went with friends. Still comfortable and easy to wear but with an unexpected touch.

So experiment with your wardrobe and have some fun with it. You can create and style so many different outfits even with simple pieces like this.


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