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Thanks to the lovely people at Riversol, I have been testing out a new skincare line. I always love finding out about new an exciting products like this. Made here in Vancouver with some great ingredients and specially designed for people (like me) who have a bit more sensitive skin. I have only been using it for a little over a week now but I am already impressed.

I received 4 products first being a face wash and it literally feels like I am washing away all impurities and dirt of my face. It feels so clean and like brand new skin.

Then I received 2 moisturizers that are so creamy and soak into the skin instantly.

Last I got an eye cream which again is so creamy and rich, feels great on the skin.

I have only been using these for a short time but I am super happy with the products so far and the results as well as the prices. So if your looking for a new skincare line, take a look at Riversol.


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