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I wanted to start a new series here on the blog about all the things that go on in my head because sometimes you can forgot or you have so much going on that you don't even know where to start or how to put it into words. So I thought making a series called On my Mind would be a good way of just quickly jotting down all the things running through my mind as a good way for you to see what I am thinking about and what is going on in my life.

This is about all things, fashion, beauty, personal, all of the good stuff. I am going to make it pretty short and sweet, just telling you the basics and with the little mood board you can kind of see what I am talking about. So here we go.

Starting with Fashion
  •  Corsets - I am crushing hard core on this recent trend. I think it is a fun and sexy way to update a basic outfit.
  • DENIM - You know how much I love denim and I am always on the search for more.
  • Gucci - All things Gucci are grabbing my attention, just loving what they are doing lately.
  • Ruffles - I love this feminine details on tops right now, need to get my hands on some.
Moving onto Beauty
  • By Terry - I never knew of this brand since a couple months ago and there is some products I really want to try from them.
  • Highlighters - Hourglass ambient lighting collection. Need to try it.
  • Giorgio Armani foundation - I am really thinking about getting a foundation by them after all the good things I have been hearing about them lately.
  • Eyeliner - I have never been good at eyeliner but I am dabbling with it lately.
  • Healthy eating - I have really been trying to eat healthier this year. Not as a New years resolution but more of a life change. 
  • Money - Or should I say lack there of. I am trying to be better with money and trying to think of ways that I can make more.
  • Self confidence - This is an everyday struggle in my life, haven't figured it out yet (it's quite bad).
  • Family - Praying for some and rejoicing with others.

So this is the format that I think I will be doing with this series and I really like it and hope you guys will enjoy as well. It is a good way to see really what is on my mind during this time. So when I feel like I have lots of new things on my mind, I will post another one.


  1. Great idea for a series, love it! x

    1. Awesome, thanks. That is great to hear, I am glad you like it!!!!

  2. Your blog is just amazing, I love your style. You have me dream closet, for sure, haha!


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