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On my mind - wishlist 2
Ganni tops and skirt / Nike cortez sneakers / Fiele Fragrances parfum / Marc Jacobs highlighter / Gucci belt / Le Specs cat eye sunglasses / RMS beauty luminizer / Converse high top sneakers / Stine Goya dress / Orseund Iris top and corset

I did one of these a while back, here and I really liked the idea and decided from then on to continue doing these posts when I felt like there is lots of things on my mind. Whether it's fashion or health, you name it, I just want to talk about what I have been thinking about and have a conversation.

After looking back on my previous one, there is still a lot of the same sort of things that have kept with me and stay in the back of my mind, so not only are these posts a great way to tell you what's going on with me but also a great way for me to look back and see what I am thinking about and maybe be able to help me with some of these things. But anyways, let's get right into it.

- Right now my fashion vision revolves around Ganni. If you don't know the brand, you should. You will be able to tell how obsessed through my instagram as well from this post and this one. But quite literally I am obsessed and if you go on their website, I literally want everything that they are doing right now. It is way too good.
- Speaking of things Danish (Ganni is a Danish brand, so is Stine Goya). You know I am obsessed with everything Danish and I just can't get enough of the Fashionistas of Denmark. They just wear everything so well, looking so put together, flawless yet with such unique cool style. Here are a few of my favourites right now, Rockpaperdresses, Jeanette Friis Madsen and Karoline Dall.
- Also I have had my radar on a bunch of these items for a while now like the Orseund Iris tops, Gucci belt (which both were in my last On my Mind post) and the cortez sneakers. I am still loving them which is a good sign that I should have them in my wardrobe.
- Sunglasses are the IT detail of outfits these days with there being so many cool ones that have been making their mark everywhere like these cat eye ones that I think are just so cool. I really need to find myself the perfect pair and these ones would be great.
- As for the actual fabric and colour of pieces, as you can tell from this post is that I am super into red and pink these days as well as yellow. Also I am loving all the polka dots and florals, feeling much more colourful and printed with what is attracting me in fashion these days.

- Highlighters are still something that I am super into this year and there has been a huge wave of awesome highlighters that have come out recently. I am really wanting to get one for my body to have that perfect blowy tan summer skin look.
- When I saw a local Vancouver store that I love share this fragrance brand I just loved it instantly. The packaging is beautiful and minimal and I am dying to try the fragrances for myself.
- In the summer time I really don't wear make-up or anything on my face and I have been loving it. So my routine has just been using my RMS beauty oil, doing my eyebrows and thats it. On the odd day I might add highlights and contour or lipstick but other then that I am a bare face and it feels good.

- Family. There has been a lot going on with my family lately...all good things so nothing bad to share. By the grace of god my sister and her husband have been blessed to finally have their child whom they adopted in their arms and will be coming home shortly. Literally they have been blessed and everything is just so exciting and amazing.
- Speaking of family I am going home at the end of August so I can see my family again and meet a niece and nephew that I haven't met yet and see everyone else. As well as witness my cousin get married so I am super pumped about that and can't wait for that time to come.
- I swear all I think about when I look at my body is THIGHSSSSS. I have been obsessing over it and it's probably not a good thing but I just want my body to look amazing without having to work out cause I don't. haha

Okay I think I have talked enough. I am sure there is more on my mind but I will probably bore you if I say anything more so, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment with items on your mind.


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