Healthier Food choices and what that has meant for me

Monday, 23 October 2017

Healthier lifestyle and food choices - Planted based diet - body confidence - In My Dreams

Healthier lifestyle and food choices - Planted based diet - body confidence - In My Dreams

Healthier lifestyle and food choices - Planted based diet - body confidence - In My Dreams

Healthier lifestyle and food choices - Planted based diet - body confidence - In My Dreams

Healthier lifestyle and food choices - Planted based diet - body confidence - In My Dreams

For everyone who has been following me on Instagram, they will know that I have gone through a bit of a transformation over the last few months. In the middle of July I decided to give up meat and diary.

Now I know at first that seems like a big deal and not an easy task but in reality it has not been near as hard as I thought it would be. It has actually proven to me how AMAZING it is and how amazing I feel. I have been getting a lot of people wondering what I am doing cause they can tell I have lost weight and wonder how I am doing it so I wanted to do a post all about these healthier food choices I have made from the why, how, what and how much I have actually lost.

Before we get into the why, first I want to talk about how for years now I have wanted to be healthier by making better food choices and by exercising. There was already some things I have been doing for years now like no refined sugar or pop, little things like that but I have always found it so hard to do more as I am the type of person with little too none determination or motivation with things like this. Yet I have always been unhappy with how I looked and felt.

Now for the why. And really there isn't much to it. I'm not sure where the motivation really came from but I watched a food documentary on Netflix about meat and plant based diets and afterwards I just said to myself that I wanted to see if I could give up meat and diary. I literally started immediately and have not looked back since. I couldn't be happier with how it's been going as well and now I am completely converted to a plant based diet (with a few exceptions and my own twist on how I do things). I have allowed myself to keep eating fish and seafood.

Now that doesn't mean that I don't do little cheats here and there, I mean I am only human. But I try to keep my cheats meat and diary free. So I will still eat processed foods once in a while or have the odd bread product that probably has been made with diary and I am okay with that. One thing I told myself from the very beginning because I know how I am, was that I was not going to be hard on myself and allow myself to make these cheats because I knew if I was going to be really strict that I was setting myself up for failure. So if I make the odd cheat once in a while, I am perfectly okay with that but try not to do it too often.

Moving on to the how's and what's!!!

Making these choices has actually been a lot easier on me then I thought it was going to be but that might just be me, not everyone is the same. I already didn't have refined sugar, pop, barely any breads or pastas or red meat. So really the only major changes were going to be giving up chicken, eggs and milk mostly. Even milk, I only used it in my coffee or if I making something that called for it so that was an easy fix.

So I have replaced those items with options like almond milk, you can use it the same way you would milk, you just need to get yourself use to the taste and once you do it's fine. Then instead of chicken or pork I can have fish, seafood, tofu or just stick to veggies. So if you are okay with eating these options then you should have no problem doing what I am doing.

Now I am sure you all want to know just how much weight I have lost and even it astounds me. Since starting in the middle July I weighed around 126-128 pounds on average to now a few months later in middle of October and I am averaging around 113-115 which means I have lost about 13 POUNDS. And I am still on my journey!!

When starting this, it wasn't just about loosing weight and I never ever thought I would going to loose this much but after one week of eating healthier I had already lost 3 pounds so I knew there was something to this and it really made me want to keep going and see what sort of results I could find. I am still amazed at how well my body has responded to making just a few little adjustments while still getting to eat as much as I was before. I am beyond happy and feeling SO much better about myself now. I feel like I want to show off my body now when before I was ashamed and embarrassed of how big I was. I want to help everyone else feel as good about there bodies too and not only that but mentally as well, feel happier and more energetic, which I do!!!

I hope this gives some clarity too my transformation of a healthier life style and helps even just one of you too make some healthier choices for yourself as well. Since I have been getting a lot of requests about what I have been eating, I am going to start posting recipes on my Insta-stories for now and maybe soon onto my blog so if you want to follow along then go follow me on Instagram and also here through subscribing through email above or bloglovin.

Now the next step is getting into a better exercising routine!!!